Ch 4 The Meeting

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Ch 4 The Meeting

Post  Petey on Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:29 pm

Crowned Prince Nicholas was walking through the streets of Radland, not caring who was in his way since he was the reigning prince of Radland. A female, who looked like a friend of his from somewhere but really don‘t know since she was a peasant girl, came out of nowhere and suddenly said, “PV2 Heartstead, are you paying attention to the sergeant?” Nick brought his attention back to the real world before looking into the eyes of the female he had seen in his daydream.

“My bad, PFC Williams. If you don’t mind me asking how did you become a PFC when you just got back from BCT and AIT?”

“Because I’m a model private and I know what I’m doing. Now pay attention to the sergeant before you find out why I’m a PFC.”

Nick nodded and turned his head back towards the sergeant. Well that seemed like a threat. I wonder what she had done to become a PFC now. Maybe I should have challenged her. What makes her any better than me anyways. And why do I see a little of my father when I look at her face. Could she be the sister my father said I had. Nick laughed to himself. I doubt it. She doesn’t have the manners that my sister would have, if I ever meet her. I can’t believe that he thinks that Jasmine is my mother. Well when I was five and Jasmine called then he yelled and cried. I really wonder now if she is my sister, she is acting like my father did when I was five. It can’t possibly be though since I would have known if Williams was my sister. Then again I’ve never actually thought about it before but it would make since. I better bring my attention back to the drill floor. Nick took one more look at the PFC before tuning into the sergeant that was talking.

“If any of you gold phase have a question with what I have just said please feel free to come and ask me I will be open for questions before we head out. You are all dismissed.”

As soon as the went to attention and the sergeant left, Nick turning towards Nelly and asked, “What did he say we were supposed to do?”

“What happened to paying attention PV2 Heartstead,” Nelly asked suspiciously.

“I was just thinking about what my father recently told me. Can you please fill me in PFC?”

“He said we were in charge of helping white phase get ready to go but it only takes one and it looks like that PVT is doing it. So what were you thinking about, if I may ask?”

“OH,” Nick was surprised to hear that come from her. “Well my father told me right before I left this weekend that I have a sister that I never knew about growing up. She is supposed to be a twin to the brother I never knew I had. LOL!”

Nelly laughed a little before saying, “I wish I knew who my parents where.” Nick looked shocked when she said that so Nelly quickly said, “I was givin up at birth. My adoptive parents couldn’t have children so they went to the hospital to adopt a child that was left there. They where told that the woman who dropped me off asked that my name begin with a “N”. When my parents asked for what the lady said my birth date was, they were surprised to hear that I was a newborn about three hours old at the time. My parents couldn’t leave me there after hearing that. The docs told them that I was healthy and they couldn’t figure out why my parents would want to get rid of me since I wasn’t unhealthy.”

“WOW!” Nick broke in. “My father said nothing about anything like that with the info he gave me about her.” Nick thought for a moment, “Well I guess he didn’t know about her until my supposed mother told him.”

“Oh that’s not right…” Nelly paused thinking about something that Nick had told her. “What do you mean supposed mother,”

“Well my mother and father separated when I was about five and my father never let me know who my mother was. Heck he doesn’t even have my birth certificate.”

“Well at least now you know who your parents are.”

A White phaser walked up the them just then, “excuse me, I’m new around here and I was wondering if you could help me?”

Nelly smiled and said, “Yes and what can we help you with?”

The White phaser said, “I was wondering where I am supposed to be going.”

Nick followed Nelly’s lead and said, “Well all the white phasers are supposed to be getting ready to go out by Radland Palace for the weekend. The king and queen are allowing them to drill there.”

“OH! I’m not in white phase. I’m gold phase and I am Prince Nathan James Thrune from Radland Palace so I know of the arraignments. My grandparents wanted me over here to get things settled.” When Nathan said he was the prince, Nick’s eyes got wide. Nathan noticed and asked Nick about it.

“Oh its nothing. My father mentioned something about the crown but I’ve forgotten now what he said. I’m sorry about that I didn’t mean to stare.”

“It’s OK. As a representative of the crown I accept your apology.”

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