Ch 5 The Fairytale

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Ch 5 The Fairytale

Post  Petey on Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:31 pm

Nelly walked through the door to the supermarket on her way home from drill. She had told her mom before she left that she would pick up the things her mom needed for the upcoming week. Nelly brought out the list her mom had giving to her with what she needed. Some of the things on the list were already crossed off but that was because her mom had picked them up herself while Nelly was at drill. Her mother had sent her a text message with the info on it. Nelly pulled out her phone to check it again in case there was another message from her mother. To Nelly’s surprise she had a text message from Nick. I’ll get back to him when I’m at home. Just in case its something about this sister of his that he is supposed to have. Nelly thought to herself. Why did he decide to come to me with that information instead of talking to one of his buddies about it. Nelly shook her head and decided that she didn’t need to be thinking about him right now. Nelly took a look at the list in her hand and headed over to the fruit section. While Nelly was in the check-out line, a guy in front of her suddenly reached past her to grab a magazine. She was so out of it, Nelly didn’t notice that the man in front of her had touched her. All of a suddenly Nelly saw a woman and man talking.

“She is your daughter James. You can’t deny it. She looks just like Nicholas did when he was this little.”

“Jasmine I don’t care how many times you tell me that her and that twin brother of hers are my children. You left me 9 months ago for that man that your parents liked - “

“That wasn’t my fault. You know I have to be married to someone who my parents like otherwise the crown falls into my cousins hands and there is no way that I could let that happen. This crown means more to my parents than for me to let that happen. Sorry I had to make some sacrifices. I still love you James.”

“You have one heck of a way of showing it. You always have.”

“Well I guess you don’t want to admit that these two are yours so I’ll just be going then.” With that the woman got up and left.

Nelly came back to reality and took off leaving what her mom needed at the check-out.


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